How to create engaging Facebook Stories for your page

With the introduction of the new algorithm that pushes posts from family and friends to the top of feeds, it’s getting harder for business pages to make some noise organically.

So, it’s a relief that I finally spotted the new Facebook Stories update to Australian Business pages in the past few weeks.

Unless you want to throw big bucks behind boosts, you’ve got to look at new ways to interact with your audience. It’s time you utilise features like Stories to gain greater visibility – after all, it’s sitting in the prime real estate at the top of your page.

So why should you be devising strategy for Facebook Stories? It offers another opportunity to showcase your brand and build your Facebook engagement.

But hold your horses – before you go head first into Stories, you’ve got to know what the difference is between Stories and Posts.

Spilt your content into two categories – all your behind-the-scenes stuff and storytelling should be kept for Stories. Keep the entertaining and informative stuff for Facebook posts.

Ready to give it a crack? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Create a strategy and plan out what you want to showcase to your followers, and create a storyboard
  • Publish behind-the-scenes content showing your listeners what happens during showtime or at the station
  • Add some variety and capture something educational, like how on-air talent make their fave breakfast. It’s a great tool to deliver short ‘how-to’ content.
  • Want to get a better insight into your Facebook audience? Get feedback by using Facebook Stories on show segments, promotions or sponsors.
  • Devise an overall theme and use a combination of short videos and images to keep and maintain interest
  • Don’t be shy and use all the features including filters and text to keep it visually appealing to followers

Now the big question… why is Facebook Stories worth all the effort and energy?

It will boost your reach

No matter how great your content is, it’s getting harder to stand out in the Facebook feed (especially now with the latest updates). However, your Facebook Stories will attract eyeballs, as it appears in the feed at the top of the screen. It may be the best tool for you to use to re-engage with an inactive audience.

It humanises your brand

Want your audience to identify more with your brand or show? Then you are going to have to publish content that shows the people behind the well-oiled machine. Facebook Stories give you the chance to showcase your studios, staff, promotions and day-to-day activities.

You can share more content

Everyone has their opinions on how often you should post, but posting around 4-6 stories a day at different times allows you to remain at the top of the Stories list.

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