Sharon Osbourne ‘radio is alive & well’

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Sharon Osbourne has just finished her keynote session at the CRA conference (pictured left), during which she chatted '"On The Couch" with television presenter Angela Bishop.

During the chat Osbourne locked lips for a 15 second 'pash' with a fellow conference presenter, see the pic below.

However, the session began with Bishop looking to 'aussie-fy' Sharon's name, saying;

"There are radio rules about how you should be addressed. Fitzy, Jonesy, Snowy…there's Ozzy, but we thought it best to go with Shazza, so please welcome Shazza".

Osbourne discussed her family dynamic saying "(there is) no mid range, either the lowest lows or the highest heights"

Bishop asked about the Alan Jones incident and the social media backlash that has occurred, and Osbourne referred to a UK radio and television host who did a similar thing;

"He was an A category, now he's a C category." On social media more generally she said;

"I don't like it when people talk about people when they are not there. You play, you pay. Everything you say, the way you behave. There are consequences to all our actions. At the end, that karma truck will come and park outside your house."

Angela Bishop spent some time discussing the 'brand' of the Osbournes, and Sharon Osbourne spoke on where she developed the skills in building brands;

"I'd been used to marketing. I have seen talent and I know what to do, I am a people person". On working with the Smashing Pumpkins for 3 months. "I had a big butt at the time, but he had an ego bigger than my arse."

Asked if she would like to work with Justin Bieber, she commented;"that would be bloody short" which lead to applause from the crowd.

Osbourne did discuss radio and its relevance in breaking music artists;

"Radio is alive and well, and thriving in Australia. I wish it was the same in other countries. The worst thing is Sirius radio. A whole generation haven't heard of Howard Stern because they don't subscribe (to Sirius). It is very weird in American radio. (We were) used to turning onto your morning favourites. That one to one intimacy has gone."

So who did Sharon Osbourne lock lips with onstage? Fellow conference presenter Sebastian Terry who spoke up saying one of his '100 Things' was to kiss a celebrity. Sharon was only too happy to have a cheeky pash. Envious just a little bit ladies ?

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