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Radio Today Poll : 2UE
The Survey 6 result for Sydney's oldest station, 2UE, saw them drop for the 3rd consecutive time. They are now on 4.9%, their lowest 10+ result since Survey 3, 2010 (which was also 4.9%). ...
Separated at birth #7
After this morning's story on Hamish & Andy's next TV show, it reminded us that Hamish Blake looks a lot like someone else in radio land. Who is it ?
The latest funny siDesHoW creation
On Friday we told you that Mix 106.5 in Sydney had discovered a problem with their $100,000 Mystery Voices contest. They had incorrectly told their listeners that Cathy Freeman was not one of the ...
Separated at birth #5
AFL legend Chris Judd and Nova Adelaide's new Assistant Program Director (and morning announcer) Jarrod Walsh. Jarrod apparently gets told daily that they lookalike, you decide….