Be so good that they can’t say ‘No!’

I got offered a job recently. I was ecstatic to accept the position offered. Such is the highlight when you work hard and focus on your career desires and find it all coming together. The fit was perfect for my application and the conditions superb.

However, I respectfully passed on the opportunity. This was due to external circumstances at that specific moment in time which interrupted the entire process, and as a result the opportunity went to another. I’ll be applying for something similar again, soon. But in the interim, I’ll be continually working on my craft, and the underlying reason is very important.

I want to share a secret with you regarding ‘self improvement’. Because settling for ‘good enough’ is not okay. And rather than hope and wish for that small chance at a big gig, there is a much better answer. There is a simple means to eventually hear that affirmative word from the next potential employer. The word of course, is ’Yes!’

And no, the secret is not relying on your mates to get you that next gig. Nope, it’s a little gem of a secret which I’m going to share right now, the sure-fire way to get your next dream gig… is …

“Be so good, that they can’t say no.”

Yes, it’s an epiphany.

It’s actually a Steve Martin-‘ism’, and it’s worth its weight in gold. He said the above sentence in an interview many years ago when asked if there was a ‘secret’ to his success. And he replied, ‘I became so good, they couldn’t say no.’

No one wants to hear excuses. You are either really good at what you do, or you’re not. Perhaps you are really good in another position. Figure out what that is, work it out now and become the best at it.

The best at your station, in your company and in your industry.

Radio continually pushes to get into high gear, and despite anything you are told and any occurrences from the past, you are in the driver’s seat.

Here’s another one…

“There has been no original content on commercial radio in any western civilized country since the 90’s.”

What I mean, is that at some point at the station you work at, the same company and in the same country – what you did today has already been done. It has been played, promoted, created and commercialized.

All this has a major impact on radio, including on how you deliver it. Be bothered, because at the end of every show you’re the one getting critiqued on how much better you can be tomorrow, all the while selling the same ‘stuff.’ Do not get lost in the negative, it’s not worth it. You already have to be more exciting, more relevant, ‘more everything’.

Stay the course and believe in what you are doing. Above all, do not follow. The industry you are in is a calling, a passion and unique. Radio in itself has staying power. Do not get lost in conversations in DAB forums, because it doesn’t matter. The powers above your pay grade will decide what they want to do with all and any kind of technologies, regardless.

Remember, the very best of shows have one magic ingredient…

“Prepared Spontaneity” ®

Do not get lost in fame and celebrity, because that is the afterglow, not the inspiration. All you have to do is work harder at you. You can’t change the past, but you can certainly alter your future, and all you have to do when the next gig you want comes along, is be so good, that they can’t say no!

About Steve Hart:

Following the successful launching of a brand new rock station in London, Canada just a few years ago, Steve continues to coach shows globally through his company “My Thirty Seconds”, directing ‘super stars’ from North America and the UK. Along with the very successful venture of – which, incorporates multi-international clients and a number of broadcast company contracts, Steve has a solid track record in successful radio shows both on-air and in programming for news/talk and music formats.

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