Apology and Retraction re: My Previous Comments About smooth fm

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Three years ago I made a bold and rash statement about smooth fm’s chances of being number one.  It turns out I was wrong, unforgivably wrong.

I now have to live with the fact that, for the rest of my life, those rash words cannot be unwritten.

All I can do now is say this.

I apologise.  Unreservedly.  Wholeheartedly.  And with tongue firmly in cheek.   

To try to make amends, here I publicly admit where I went so wrong about smooth fm…

In June 2012 when smooth fm launched, I predicted – right here on RadioToday – that the station would go to #1 (FM) in Sydney within three years.

Big mistake.

Because here we are.  smooth is #1 in Sydney.  And it’s 3 years later.

And 2 months.

Once again, I apologise for getting it wrong. Client execs can’t forecast budgets accurately if programmers like me can’t forecast ratings accurately.  I was out by two month’s worth of their sales bonuses.   And, as has been angrily pointed out to me by sales execs in the past: the BMW may be the ultimate driving machine but it cannot pay itself off without monthly sales bonuses.

So, again: I’m sorry.  It was a rookie mistake, and not something you should have to expect from me.  I have no excuse. As my penance, you can remind yourself of my slightly inaccurate prediction, here 

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