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2HD’s Meryl Swanson, whose program is made in Newcastle but is also networked to 2SM and into much of NSW (including 2BH Broken Hill which reaches into South Australia) and QLD (north to Gympie), has resigned.

Swanson recently told her employer, the Super Radio Network, of her decision and this morning decided to share her reasons with her Facebook community :-

Since posting the above, the station has reportedly escorted her from the studio and ended her program immediately. Meryl then returned to Facebook and posted this :-

Guy Ashford, 2HD’s station manager has told the Newcastle Herald:

“For her to open a show like that . . . from a programming point of view, it was just untenable.”

“When everybody goes up at the station [in the last ratings survey] and you are the only one that goes backwards, I’m sure that must have been an issue for her.”

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20 Apr 2019 - 11:06 am

Meryl Swanson ratings didn’t drop. I listened as millions also listened to her wonderful programs.
Meryl was sacked because she was too good & above some other older desperate radio announcer who should retire with a bottle of alcohol.
After Meryl was sacked i stopped listening to 2sm 2hd 2nz & im sure thousands of other listeners did also STOP LISTENING.
Meryl I wish you all the best, no need to wish you good luck because you are one above the 2sm known best.
Today April 2019 TRYING to listen to 2sm announces on weeknight evenings weekend evenings and after 9am weekdays these announcers are very old ill informed & out of touch with middle class society.
These announces in my opinion should be ESCORTED from the broadcasting studios.

9 Apr 2020 - 8:30 am

This is the first time i have seen this on my computer ,but my question is under the circumstances i dont think she had time to resign ,after being escoted from the building.You were a fantastic Announcer Meryl and my written complaint will certainly be going to the owner BC,your listeners should have taken out a class action against the 2hd network,you were certainly worh every cent of your salary ,which brings into question the likes of Carter Edwards,Richard King ,Dave Sutherland ,and a guy who started off with all guns blazing Gary Stewart,these people have not performed in my opinion ,.WHY,well they are permanents ,and they should be postd at other Radio Station after 3years say . all we hear now on 2hd are galahs who want to promote Butcher shops,and a plug here and a plug there.


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