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The long-awaited ACMA review of the 'cash for comments' rules has been released.

The original rules were put in place in 2000 after the original enquiry which revealed that Alan Jones and John Laws had accepted millions in dollars in secret sponsorships to promote clients or views. There are three signficant changes to the revised rules.

From 1 May, if  a radio current affairs host promotes a sponsor, its products or services, interviews one of its staff or promotes any issue that has a material impact on that clients business interests, the host must make a declaration of that.

ACMA has also ruled that the host can use their own words to acknowledge this connection.

The review has also closed a loophole that existed which meant that a licensee and client were not covered by the rules. This allowed Alan Jones to sidestep the rules when he was given shares in the Macquarie Radio Network.

The review, which has taken three years, will take effect from 1 May.

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