A new alternative to ISDN

ipDTL is an alternative to ISDN for Radio Station Live Broadcast and off-campus Voice Talent recordings.

Radio production pro’s are dealing on a daily basis with external recording sessions with voices all over Australia and the world.

I recently came across a new service which enables a studio to studio high quality audio connection via a web browser.

ipDTL not only connects the voice to you, but enables real time directing of talent all from a computer running Chrome.

I spoke with Kevin Leach, founder of ipDTL so he could explain how easy and affordable it is as an alternative to ISDN.

Daryl: Kevin tell us about ipDTL.
or hear it here

Daryl: What background do you have and how did you develop the inspiration to build ipDTL?
or hear it here

Daryl: How is it accessed?
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Daryl: As a new user I found ipDTL very easy to set-up and use for the first time. Can you explain how to get it up and running?
or hear it here

The applications are diverse, from live interviews, to Voice Over recording on promos and commercials.

Some key points:

  • Broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection
  • No proprietary hardware or software – you just need Chrome
  • Equivalent to, but far cheaper than ISDN – no connection charges
  • Perfect for radio stations and voice talent alike
  • Forthcoming upgrade will allow connection to any user from your own login


Many thanks to Kevin for taking the time to explain ipDTL.

Check out more at their website – www.ipdtl.com


Daryl Missen has won many international radio awards and has over 20 years experience in audio production for radio, television and cinema. He is a Sound Designer for Mix 101.1 Melbourne and runs www.RadioPromoTips.com



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