Teamwork makes the dream work: Meet more inspiring 30 Under 30 winners

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Ana Nasarre, Bree Clements and Jacob Pittolo have very different roles in radio, but they’re all passionate and committed to the same thing – team work.

LiSTNR’s national marketing manager Nasarre says she leads with optimism and empathy to connect with her teams.

Nova 106.9’s Clements, meanwhile, wants open communication (sprinkled with more than a little bit of laughter).

And Nine Radio’s Jacob Pittolo says he is all about positivity and politeness, and believes a leader should only take over in an emergency.

Ana Nasarre, national marketing manager – LiSTNR, Southern Cross Austereo (29)

What makes Ana Nasarre a future leader in the audio industry?

“I believe I have the right mix of experience, knowledge, and emotional intelligence that are required to make me a future leader in marketing for the audio industry.

“I have focused most of my career in fashion and media, having briefly experienced other industries too. This has been across various countries as well as a variety of roles within the field of marketing. This array of experiences has benefited me and the companies I’ve worked for when coming up with ‘out of the box’ ideas or solutions to challenges.

“I pride myself on my drive to constantly improve myself, and I have a keen hunger to always be learning. One way I achieve this is by organising one-on-ones and coaching sessions with those that inspire me or participating in networking events. I also refresh my knowledge and stay up to date with my audio, digital, and marketing education via enrolling in courses.

“Lastly, I lead and connect with my team through optimism and empathy, which helps to get the best out of those on the journey with me. My fine-tuned emotional intelligence and ability to incorporate critical thinking skills helps me identify and interpret how other colleagues work and collaborate and I use that to strengthen my relationships and ensure teamwork is efficient and effective.”

Bree Clements, producer & promotions – Ash, Kip, Luttsy & Susie O’Neill, Nova 106.9, NOVA Entertainment (27)

What makes Bree Clements a future leader in the audio industry?

“Radio is a dynamic and unpredictable environment which can be stressful and exciting. I don’t get rattled easily and I am solutions driven, which has allowed me to survive and thrive while producing our station’s signature show.

“Our industry is also filled with big personalities and it can be daunting navigating a space that supports them in delivering their best work so ‘keep calm while carrying on’ is a good mantra for me.

“You have to be brave enough to just dive in and have a crack sometimes as the idea/content/randomness of radio demands. And to be able to bounce back when an idea is rejected or things don’t go to plan.

“I have had some great mentors who have not only showed me the radio ropes, but allowed me to make mistakes. Nothing like a SNAFU to teach you a lesson or two, but you also need a company culture and management that has your back when ideas go awry. That culture of innovation is inspiring and brings out the best in me, but a great support team is critical for success in an industry known for pushing boundaries.

“We are professional storytellers and storytelling is a fundamental part of being human, which is why I’m not just focused on developing my professional skills – but what goes on inside my head so I can understand not only what it takes to nail the job, but to be a better human. As you can’t deal with other people’s stuff when you have your own going on. Putting time and energy into practice, performance and processing creates a culture of excellence; and this, combined with a strong work ethic and respect for each other, are important leadership traits for me.

“I also believe trust within teams is critical in a creative space, as is a culture of connection, so my other mantra is ‘focus on the work and keep communications open’ – and always do what you say you’ll do. The pressure may always be on in our industry, but if you do the work, surround yourself with great people who all have their eye on the same prize, and keep the chat constant; the results can be amazing.

“I also think you should keep a sense of humour at all times too. Especially when things go sideways.

“Why cry when you can laugh? (Don’t tell legal I said that…)”

Jacob Pittolo, producer, 2GB, Nine Radio (27)

What makes Jacob Pittolo a future leader in the audio industry?

“Good leaders need experience and passion – and these are the two major reasons that I believe that I am a future leader in the audio industry.

“My first media experience was in community radio. However it wasn’t at big city community stations like SYN, Fresh 97 or FBi. It was at 2BAR, known locally as 93.7 Edge FM.

“That experience with hands-on learning serves me well now and into the future as a leader in the industry. I am passionate about what I work on and that’s something that I try to encourage in everyone I work alongside. Listeners know if you’re interested. If you aren’t, they aren’t – and they’ll find someone else to listen to.

“As I continue to work, I want to do everything in my power to learn as much as I possibly can about the industry. A broad knowledge across everything from back-end technology and audio production to program production, news gathering and on-air skills is key to good leadership in this industry. You can’t lead if you don’t first understand.

“My leadership skills have seen significant development in recent years thanks to a stint working in retail as a duty manager at one of Sydney’s highest-trading supermarkets. In that role, my leadership style was always positive and polite, but assertive when appropriate.

“Teamwork is key to good leadership. People are unlikely to work with you if you bark demands at them. Instead, I like to work with the team to find the best solution for everyone. I make sure I’m available to help out with a task or to answer questions whenever possible. Of course, sometimes decisions need to be made and when those moments come I do not hesitate.

“Hesitation is death in the instant world of radio, and that’s why I believe my leadership style gels well with the industry. I like to lead by providing room for ideas to grow and for people to learn. A leader should only have to take over in an emergency – and they should be confident in their decisions at that time.”

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