What Will You Be Famous For?

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There are so many good radio jocks in this country. But what turns a good jock into a great one? Ask yourself, what do you want to be famous for? Passionate music breaks, talking to callers, hooking and teasing?

Ross Wallman is the day jock on Perth’s 92.9, he is one of the best I’ve heard at working the phones and has worked hard on his craft over a long time. He creates instant rapport and gets the best out of every caller in his shift. I asked him to share his top tips for putting together his shift everyday.


From listening to the breaky show all morning / reading the paper to see what’s going on / know the tactic / then surfing the phone lines well before your shift starts.  This allows me to find good content and frees me up whilst on air to further surf the phones and roll with whatever’s going on across the day.

Know the brand / strategy the boss is implementing

Being across exactly what is the focus of the station as seen by the Content Director. Be on the same page. Smash out the specific branding (hits always right now) – sell the breaky show/drive show, be the shows biggest fan, balance the type of breaks across the hour (music passion/ show sells/ tactic) – whatever the boss wants it’s my job to implement that.

Be proud of every break and don’t settle

Sometimes it takes me 30 mins of calls to get 1 – 20sec caller break. Set the standard higher and higher – sometimes it’s a drag but at the end of the day if I put a break to air that I am not proud of, I’m only letting myself down.

Be Yourself

I may not be the funniest, wittiest, smartest guy on air, but no one can take away what makes you – you. Talk like you would talk, do what you would do. Put your unique stamp on every break.

Have Fun

Take into account strategically what is needed then have fun doing it – whether it is with callers/ breakfast talent, I try not to forget how lucky I am and how fun my job is.

Oh and a bonus tip – coffee.
Hear Ross’ latest work on Spotd.

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