What Larry has learned

Larry MacInnis has written, directed and produced some of Canada’s best-loved and highest-rated morning shows.

Dave Charles, formerly of esp media, and now of Media Results International, asked Larry what all his success and experience have taught him.

It’s not the amount of talk that matters. It’s the amount that matters in the talk.

They are not your numbers. They are your listeners.

Don’t just be yourself. Be an enhanced version of yourself.

The format is your friend.

In any comedy bit you can always make one more cut.

You’re not doing the show for yourself but you can’t leave yourself out of the show.

If people liked to hear arguing and bickering in the morning there would be fewer divorces.

Share the spotlight. The light will reflect back on you.

Winston Churchill was able to save the world on just three and a half hours of sleep a night. But Churchill never had to do a morning show.

If you don’t learn from a mistake you’ve made two mistakes.

Tardiness is selfishness.

Einstein was correct. If you can’t explain it simply you don’t understand it well enough.

Celebrity guests just want to know that someone is in charge.

You can’t think clearly until you can write clearly.

If you always have to have the last laugh your competition will have the last laugh.

You’ll get more listeners by being a listener yourself.

Mentors are not just for the young.

An hour with a mentor is better than a week with a textbook.

Cute has a short shelf life.

Think of The Muppets as a morning show template. Every cast needs a Kermit.

Great ratings don’t necessarily mean you are great. And terrible ratings don’t necessarily mean you are terrible. But you’d better find out what they do mean.

Leadership is shown in small gestures.

Stop complaining to the music department. They are trying to help you.

When designing a radio contest remember that only trained dogs enjoy jumping through hoops.

It’s never going to be funny to everyone.

Humanity gives you immunity.

If you don’t admit when you are wrong don’t expect others to admit when you are right.

Gurus can be one part goo and three parts ruse.

If you’re having fun it’ll sound like fun. The opposite is also true.

Catholics believe the Pope is infallible. You are not the Pope. And neither is your boss.

Do not confuse content the noun with content the adjective. The noun means “substantive or creative material.” The adjective means “satisfied with what you have.” When in doubt go with the noun.

Larry MacInnis is an award-winning broadcaster, advertising expert, comedy writer, marketing strategist and human content machine. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Follow Larry on Twitter: @caper2guy

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