What can Breakfast Talent learn from the City2Surf ?


After a few years watching from the sidelines, this year it was time again to have another go at the City2Surf. 

This years City2Surf in Sydney attracted more than 80,000 participants. They ran, jogged and walked the 14 km’s from Sydney's Hyde Park, finishing at Bondi Beach. 

City2Surf is the largest run of its kind in the world,  it's a "fun run" as well as a race for professional athletes.

So what can breakfast talent learn from the City2Surf?


Preperation – The best runners with the best times in the City2Surf put in a great deal of training, practice and preparation. Preparation is the key to a strong breakfast show.

Don't peak too early. There’s no use peaking after 3 to 4 km’s of the run. You’re only about a third of the way and there's a long way to go. Its like using all your content by 7am, there's still another 2 hours to go! You have to pace yourself. You’ll need plenty of stamina.

Support and encouragement is important. The runners in the City2Surf get plenty of encouragement along the run. You need a positive, supportive and encouraging team in and surrounding your breakfast show.

Fund raising has been a key part of the City2Surf. The event raises over $20 million for charity. Your breakfast show should support causes and raise money for charity.

The City2Surf is a great community event involving the participants, media, local residents, St Johns, police, ambulance and community groups. Your breakfast show should be heavily involved in your community regardless of whether it's a metro market or small regional market.

Always get a good nights rest before the race. And if you’re on breakfast radio, you’ll need a good nights sleep before a show! You need good health and a good physical regime.  Doing a Breakfast show ( like running 14km’s ) is demanding.

Hard Work  – Doing a 14km run ( or walk ) is hard work. It takes effort and preparation. So does doing a breakfast show. There are no shortcuts, it's hard work.

Entertainment – This year Redfoo was guest DJ at the start of the run with music pumping in William Street and plenty of live bands and music along the way entertaining runners and spectators. Always remember you and your breakfast show are there to entertain.

Fun  – Lots of people do the City2Surf dressed up in fun , zany, wacky costumes! They have fun with the event. You should be having fun doing your show and your listeners should feel a sense of fun.

City2Surf media sponsors are Westpac and The Sun Herald. Radio station 2UE supported the event with Team 2UE "At The Back of The Pack," well targeted to their older demo listeners. But the winner on the day was radio partner Nova. Nova had great visibility with clever, creative, cut through signage at key locations and upbeat teams of staffers on the street cheering on runners.


'Don't give up

No matter how hard it is, or how challenging Heartbreak Hill might be, don't give up.

Breakfast radio is competitive and challenging. Possibly the most competitive job in media. Don't give up '


Brad March is a Director of Radio Today, is a former CEO and Group Program Director of Austereo and has been named Media Executive of the Year.



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