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Radio Today's 'Ask the Experts' is where we pose your questions to a revolving group of industry experts. As always, if there's a question you want to ask (and you can remain anonymous if you like), shoot it through to us here.

This weeks experts are Craig Bruce from SCA, Duncan Campbell from ARN, Irene Hulme from DMG and David Kidd from MRN.

To this week's question;

'I am an announcer in a mid-size, but un-rated, regional market. I desperately want to make it to metro, but all the big gigs seem to go to reality tv stars, or people who already have a profile in the capital cities. Is there still a career path for regional jocks (music or talk) to make it to capital city gigs?

So what do the experts say;


Craig Bruce: Group Content Director, Southern Cross Austereo

One of the most exciting things about working with SCA is that we can now create career paths to metro success using our regional markets as the springboard.

We recently held a new talent bootcamp day in Melbourne hosted by myself, Fitzy and Sam Cavanagh. Just over 12 of our best regional talent were trialled in various combinations and from that we have identified at least one, possibly 2, new metro breakfast talent who are ready to go right now, along with some strong options for our competitive regional markets.

We have structured the national content team to give us our best chance of unearthing and developing new people through the SCA talent pipeline.

All of our key regional markets are assigned "metro mentors" who are working with the CDs and breakfast teams to help develop their skills. Shows like Heath and Normy in Albury have had weekly sessions with Fitzy for the last 12 months.

The Sea breakfast show on the Gold Coast have been working closely with DB. As you could imagine, this is an incredibly valuable opportunity for any new talent and teams wanting to take the next step.

So to answer the question, yes there is absolutely an opportunity to build a career path with SCA.

First step, send an audition to either myself, Dave Cameron, Jamie Angel, Sam Cav, DB or Fitzy.
Second step. Have your bags packed.

Don't forget your toothbrush.


Duncan Campbell: Group Content Director, Australian Radio Network

I think there is definitely a career path for regional jocks to make it to the major markets.

The craft of announcing is more important now then ever before though and announcers need to spend the time to develop their skills and treat what they do as a real career.

There just aren't as many opportunities anymore in the major markets so you have to stand out now more than ever.



Irene Hulme: Program Director, Nova 919 Adelaide

Having a profile is an advantage, I'd be lying if I said otherwise but the ability to communicate, entertain and engage is more so. 

It also depends on the size of the Market and the day part, having a profiled Breakfast show in Sydney and Melbourne is crucial, a Market the size of Adelaide, less so.

It's about getting strong communicators with great work ethics. Building a profile in a market like Adelaide quickly is not hard with the right team who understand the importance of embracing a city and meeting people, Maz, Dan and Shane's strong results are proof.

In regards to other day parts, I spent a week recently getting across regional talent and I was really impressed with what I heard, If you are looking for a starting point, regional radio is a great move, get a gig, work hard, if you've got talent, you'll be found, I guarantee it, no matter where you are"


David Kidd: Program Director 2GB Sydney/Group Promotions Director, Macquarie Radio Network

I firmly believe there is a career path for regional announcers to make it into capital city markets.

There is some great talent in non-metro markets and I heard some of it recently when judging the ACRAs. While I don’t work for Southern Cross Austereo, I would be surprised if people like Craig Bruce didn’t have his eye on announcers in their regional markets who have the potential to make it to the bigger markets.

Reality TV stars – well, the success rate with that has been a bit hit and miss; in fact, the whole proposition of TV stars in general making a successful transition to radio has been questionable.   


Any thoughts? Leave your comments below.

And as usual, if you have a question you want to ask our revolving group of experts, let us know here and we'll get it sorted for you.


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