Tony Martin’s ‘Childproof’ proves podcasts are as versatile as ever

New Zealand-born comedian Tony Martin is much loved in Australia. From the D-Gen to Martin-Molloy and ‘Get This’ with Ed Kavalee, he’s been making us laugh for years.

His latest project, Childproof, was actually the number one comedy podcast before it was even released.

It began life as an idea for a TV show, but after the pitch was knocked back by the networks, Martin took it to the Melbourne Fringe Festival, where it was recorded live as a six-part podcast.

Co-written by girlfriend Sarina Rowell, Childproof is more ‘old-school’ radio serial than podcast and it’s beautifully executed, focussing on a couple, Ian and Jennifer, who’ve decided not to have kids.

But there’s so much more to it than humour born of being child free. For those working in radio, there are some subtle and not so subtle digs at the biz.

Martin’s character “Ian” is the Content Director of Rock FM, where “The Mad Breakfast” has been replaced by “Breakfast with the Mayhem Crew” and there’s Craigo’s “crazy crank calls’ to the suicide hotline.

“No one died. Only radio itself”.

On episode one, it’s ratings day and at Rock FM, they’re expecting some bad news.

“My hair is the perfect metaphor for commercial radio.  From the front, it’s business as usual.  From above, you can see the layoffs have already begun”.

Produced by Bad Producer and narrated by Jay Mueller, the first two episodes of Childproof are available free at the official website or on iTunes.

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Rex Hunt
25 Nov 2017 - 8:36 am

Tony Martin is the benchmark of quality comedy in this country. “Going to too much trouble” is his mantra and the unsurpassed work ethic and standard he delivers consistently sets him well above the pack.


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