The Top 40 Metro Radio Newsreaders of All Time


They appear at the top of each hour and in breakfast every half hour. They are not as famous as their breakfast and drive announcer counterparts, but radio Newsreaders are an integral and vital part of radio programming.

Listeners tune in to radio not only for the music and personality shows but also for news; radio still being the best source for local information.

They are authoritative and have credibility with listeners. They have a depth of journalistic experience and each one of them delivers the news in their own individual, unique style.

Listeners believe them and come to rely on them as their source of news and information.

There will be some names that have been left out, so let us know your suggestions and comments.

RadioToday salutes the men and women of News.

They are the people who delivered the news of the end of the Vietnam War in ’75, John Lennon’s death in 1980, Mandela’s release in 1990, Elvis’ death in ’77, The 2004 Tsunami,  Diana’s death in ’97, Michael Jackson’s 2009 death, and in most cases they were the first to deliver the news.

Here they are, the Top 40 Metro Radio Newsreaders of All Time (in no particular order)

The late Jim Angel – More than 40 years on Sydney radio at 2SM, 2UE and 2GB, he read for John Laws for many years.
The late Brian White – was at 2SM in the 70’s and 2UE in the 80’s
Steve Blanda – has 40 years in radio. 15 years on 2WS and 16 years on 2UE including presenting for Alan Jones and John Laws.
Alan Baskin – Almost 40 years in Australian radio including 2WS, 2UE, 2GB. Now on Gold FM Melbourne and Cruise 1323 Adelaide
Glenn Daniel – 32 years in Sydney radio including 23 on FM…..14 of those on WSFM Breakfast. Now at Smooth fm.

Congratulations Glen on winning this years ACRA for Best News Presenter and the Brian White Memorial award.

Denis O’Kane – 40 years in the industry including 3XY, 2SM, 2GB, 2Day-FM and now 3AW
Geoff Field – 18 years at 2Day-FM, one of the longest serving newsreaders at any one station. Previously part of the Kyle & Jackie show, he’s been nominated for Best News Presenter and now reads on 2dayfm drive.
Georgie Gardner – presented news on 2Day-FM and now appears on Channel 9.
Russell Powell – 2UE and 2GB in the 80’s and 90’s before presenting Breakfast on ABC NewsRadio
Monique Dews – B105, 2Day-Fm, Nova and now on 97.3 Brisbane
Sandy Aloisi – 2SM and former 2UE News Director and Program Director – now presenting Breakfast on ABC NewsRadio
David White – originally read for Doug Mulray on TripleM then for Wendy Harmer and the Morning crew on 2Day-FM
Anne Fulwood – SA.FM newsreader in the 80s, and later moved the Ten & Seven Networks
Alison Drower – Worked at Triple M with Doug Mulray then MTV on Nine.
Deborah Clay – News Director of 2Day / Triple M. A previous winner of the Brian White award, presents news on Triple M Breakfast.
Rod Tiley / Mr T – recently retired, was at B105 Brisbane, 4BC and 6PR.
Annie Webster – 2WS Drive in the 1980’s
Carrie Bickmore – Nova Melbourne and now The Project on Ten.
Nikole Gunn – Has worked at Austereo, Nova Melbourne and ARN.

And regular contributor to RadioToday

Nahel Alavi Dalgiesh – Previous ACRA winner for her work at  Mix 106.5/Kiis
Matt De Groot – from Nova / Smooth Sydney and previously worked at 2UE.
Jennifer Keyte – former EON & 3XY newsreader in the early 80s & now Seven Melbourne
Gail Watson – on 3AW has been nominated for best newsreader Metro AM.
Mandi Wicks – On 2Day-FM before becoming General Manager of Nova, now Head of SBS Radio
Steve Liebman – formerly at 2UE and then Nine.
Helen Tzarimas – Previously at 2UE and now ABC 702 afternoons/drive.
John Williams – Former SAFM News director and Head of news for the Austereo Network
Kristy Warner – worked at 2SM and Nova Sydney and has won 5 ACRA’s 
Ashleigh Brown – On 3AW and nominated for ACRA Best News Presenter.
Tim Webster – on Triple M Sydney and read news on 2Dayfm in the mid/late eighties.
John Logan – ABC for more than 20 years.
Katrina Blowers – read on Nova, now at Nine and previously worked at Seven.
John Knox – More than 40 years on radio in Brisbane, recently retired from 4KQ
Tony Tardio  – at 3AW, a previous winner of the ‘ Possibly The Best Newsreader ‘ award !
Emma Blackwood – from Triple M Brisbane, previous ACRA winner
Ross Symonds – 2UW in the early 80’s and then the Seven Network
Frank Avis – former 2GB and 2DayFM
Sasha Higlett / Tannock – has been at 2Day/Triple M for over a decade, previously at 2GB and 2SM.
Paul Syme – breakfast newsreader on 3XY in the 70s
Carlie Bonavia – former ACRA finalist, read news for Matt & Jo on Fox and also worked with Nova Brisbane. Was formerly at SYN and ZZZ Lismore

Brad March is a Director of Radio Today, is a former CEO of Austereo and has been named Media Executive of the Year. He’s Director of Marchmedia and Pacific Retail Management.

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Annette akehurst
16 Apr 2017 - 6:30 pm

How about you teach New news readers how to pronounce names or towns correctly or is it the fact tat they can’t read.

Chris Guy
2 Mar 2018 - 10:04 am

Looking back to the days of 3DB and the Heraldsun Radio News I feel that newsreaders like Geoff McComas,David Johnston,Mal Walden,Brian Naylor and Geoff Raymond were far more professional than those we hear on Melbourne radio today.Many of today’s newsreaders lack authority in their delivery and phrasing leaves a lot to be desired.Who teaches these people?

6 Apr 2023 - 12:41 pm

I know a list can only be so long, but a couple of glaring omissions in the ladies department. Sarah Patterson being one of them. Susannah Hicks another.
We could be here all day.


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