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Anthony Wight (Wighty) is the General Manager of Prime Radio's Mackay stations 4MK and Zinc FM.

Today he writes about a new beginning for his stations...

In 1971, a building was purposely built for the AM radio station, 1026 4MK – a station with 40 years of history already behind it.

At the time, I don’t think anyone could have imagined what magic, memories and careers that building would witness.

Over the last 41 years, we’ve had some tremendous talent through this building. From arguably one of Australia’s best programmers in Dan Bradley, to the ‘love him or hate him’ Kyle Sandilands.

In 2012, that building is to be retired and the 2 stations now broadcasting from it, 1026 4MK and 101.9 Zinc FM are moving to new premises.

The building and fit out of a new station is frightfully exciting. There’s new gear, fresh & edgy studios and a whole new vibe that hits the team. It’s a really fun time.

All the glass walls and new gadgets aside, we receive two great privileges.

One is creating that first impression.

For me, I think it’s one of the most lasting things you can do.

Whether you’re a listener or an aspiring radio person, walking into your first radio station shapes you. It’s memorable. There’s a certain magic when you walk into a radio station. An impression is made, history created, right there in that moment.

Being part of the build presents a second true privilege – creating the ‘seed for the future’. And while that might sound a bit wanky, I think a vital part of a new radio station is in establishing its potential.

Did Paul Thompson know what great things were about to be created from the building on Greenhill Road in Adelaide that gave birth to SAFM and then the game changing Austereo network?

You wouldn’t think so, but only Paul knows that.

So, while all the latest in new desks, touch screen control systems and Rock ‘n’ Roll foyers are really cool, it’s not the end game.

For me, the most important part of a new station build is knowing that you are creating a vessel, an environment and the tools for people to create the outstanding and compelling radio that drives us all.

Who knows, this new building could help develop the next Dan or Kyle.

And I reckon that’s really exciting.

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