The Power of Branding

In radio we all know the importance of brands and branding both for our clients and for ourselves.

We all know the importance of brands being individual and recognisable in increasingly competitive and crowded markets. But how well does your own brand measure up against some of the best?

Danish creative digital agency inetdesign has created a fun video that really communicates the importance and power of branding. They have mashed up iconic brand graphics and logos with the key words and messages from their own short narrative about branding itself.

Without even trying at all you’ll probably identify most of the brands. If you try just a little bit you’ll probably get a few more. But it’s not really a quiz.  It’s just a very useful reminder about the importance of branding and the power that goes with it. To quote the agency, the takeout is really very simple:

Differentiate your product, service and brand.

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