The controlled interview

Across the weekend, quick, blurry shots started being posted on Facebook and Twitter of Justin Bieber outside his hotel room (see right).

The teen star is here for 3 days, mainly to pre-record a performance for the grand final of 'Australia's Got Talent'.

A few key radio shows are gearing up for their interviews with Biebs, like @fifi_box from Fifi & Jules who said…

"Sitting down for a chat with some kid called Justin Bieber tomorrow, any questions for him, let me know?"

What worries me is that reports suggest that anyone doing an interview with JB are being asked to avoid any hard questions. Topics like his girlfriend (singer and actor Selena Gomez) are a no go zone. I'm sure another topic they won't be allowed to talk about will be his recent brush with the law.

Radio hosts have also been told not to play any jokes on Bieber and they must submit questions in advance for pre-approval.

His management are obviously very sensitive after a recent incident with a U.S. jock who compared him to Justin Timberlake and implied that One Direction's Harry Styles might seduce his Mum. Justin allegedly hung up on him. Hear the full U.S. interview here.

When did it become okay for artist management to control an interview to this degree to protect their star ?

Will listeners be talking about a radio station (or show) if all they hear are generic questions and answers about his latest song or album ? Don't they want the dirt, the edge, the exclusive ? Or is having Justin Bieber appear on the station enough.

It will be interesting to see if anyone pushes the boundaries of what is 'acceptable' and gets a memorable piece of content that will generate awesome PR.

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