Tactic Success: Ryan & Tanya’s crafty $10k Jury

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Radio promotions can put the wow factor into radio; creative stunts and contests can spark word of mouth, increase awareness and recall, drive overall cume and market share and, above all, create compelling radio for listeners.

The latest on-air and online promotion by Hit104.7 breakfast duo Ryan & Tanya has delivered in spades; the $10k Jury got Canberra talking, and reached half a million people on Facebook. It ticked all the boxes.

“An amazing effort from the entire content team here at Hit104.7,” said Matty Heap, executive producer for Ryan and Tanya. “The whole tactic was just awesome! ” he told Radio Today.

“We started with five jurors last Monday who were all in isolation in hotel rooms, only leaving for a few hours a day to deliberate in our jury room.

“They did their best to convince each other why they deserved the $10K, with a winner only being decided by a unanimous decision. If they couldn’t decide, it was going to go to the first caller.”

By Wednesday, one of our jurors decided to leave after he was caught out for lying about the death of his wife.

And by Thursday, another juror was ejected from the competition after she was caught cheating with a mobile phone.

“The mood for the reaming three jurors by Friday was tense, to say the least, but Richard had the proverbial and literal ace up his sleeve, allowing him to cast his vote first after he selected it the previous day.

Richard ultimately voted for himself, and the other jurors decided to keep the money in the room, walking away with the $10K to fund an overseas family trip to meet his grandmother in the UK.

“Our Facebook reach alone was over half a million, and we’ve heard there has been heated debates between parents at school drop offs over which contestant most deserves the money!”

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10 Apr 2017 - 7:13 pm

This “regional” team do better than half the metros!

10 Apr 2017 - 8:22 pm

Even though I don’t listen to them anymore, I’m pretty sure that Matt & Meshel did this (to death!) last year on KIIS.


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