Spotify integrates new ‘broadcast-to-podcast’ feature into Megaphone


Spotify has now fully integrated its new ‘broadcast-to-podcast’ feature into Megaphone, creating the opportunity for radio broadcasters to turn their existing radio content into on-demand podcast content capable of reaching more listeners.

After a one-time setup process, the broadcast-to-podcast feature can automatically create new podcast episodes from previously broadcasted content.

This feature creates the opportunity for radio broadcasters to leverage previous on-air content and reach audiences at a time that suits them. This was made possible by Spotify’s 2020 acquisition of Australian-based company Whooshkaa, which provided tools to re-distribute and re-monetise radio content. 

Spotify cites a study by Edison Research from 2019 to 2022 as a motivator in the feature’s integration. The study shows radio listeners are tuning in via digital devices at an increasing rate, with online audiences growing by 50% during the research period. 

“The way listeners engage with audio is constantly changing and we know that digital audio is increasingly becoming their preferred way to listen, especially Gen Z. With this new broadcast–to-podcast feature, we’re empowering radio publishers to reach existing audiences throughout their day, but to connect with new, younger audiences,” said Emma Vaughn, Spotify Global Head of Advertising Business Development & Partnerships.

“What’s more, we’re excited to unlock a new revenue stream for broadcast publishers as we make it easy for them to monetise their podcast content themselves or as part of the Spotify Audience Network.”

With the technology, ad marker locations are automatically identified, and users have the flexibility to either replace or remove the identified ad locations based on their placement in the broadcast stream. 

This gives users the ability to re-insert new ads for additional monetisation or replace old ad locations with other content. 

The broadcast-to-podcast technology was released on April 13 and is now fully integrated and available to Megaphone users globally.

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17 Apr 2023 - 1:06 pm

It blows my mind why anyone would want to utilise this radio broadcast capture tech from a company that so openly wants to ‘kill radio’:

It makes way more sense to use the same tech in Omny Studio for example.


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