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Don’t hit the snooze button. Much of radio land returned to their dusty cubicles on Monday, guaranteeing it was anything but the slow news week we anticipated.

It was all helped, of course, by the debut of yet another 2Day FM breakfast show – the fifth since K&J departed – and a surprising shift in music that almost nobody saw coming (including some colleges from brother station, Triple M).

Welcome to Sounds Like Radio. A new column to take you behind the week’s biggest radio headlines and inside the Radio Today newsroom (yes, we have a newsroom).

In short, Sounds Like Radio is the week that was with scoops, scandals and stories too juicy not to share, even though we probably shouldn’t. But, in the words of Virgin boss Richard Branson: “Screw it. Let’s do it.”

Good Question: Where are 2DayFM’s workday jocks?

On the debut of Southern Cross Austereo’s latest 2DayFM Breakfast show with Em, Grant and Ed, many were left scratching their head – not so much at the new lineup, but rather the 80s hits and the jock-free workday that followed. There were numerous comments from concerned Radio Today readers, but fear not; reps say MC and Jaben return next week, ready for survey one.

This email from an SCA insider on Tuesday following Breakfast: “Interesting all of a sudden people are listening to 2DAY FM HAHAHA”. Read into it what you will.

And this SMS from a rival radio insider on 2Day’s new AC format: “It sounds like RnB Friday’s had an orgy with the smoothfm and Triple Ms playlist.”

And on 2Day FM’s format change, we hear the move put many record label reps into a “Not happy, Jan” tailspin this week. It’s also worth noting that KIIS106.5 added four new songs ATB this week. Nova 96.9 added five new tracks ATB this week. And Sydney’s hit music stations, 104.1 2Day FM, added zero new music.

Scoop: Long-time Jonesy and Amanda producer departs ARN

David Post received his marching orders this week, according to sources.

Postie, a senior audio pro and breakfast producer for Jonesy and Amanda at WSFM, leaves big shoes to fill.

This tidbit of news follows this announcement from ARN, (the arrival of Scott Muller as content director).

Postie featured in Darryl Missen’s A Day in the Life column, three years ago this week.

Not so SENtimental

The merger between Pacific Star Network and Crocmedia has led to a multiple of sackings.

Following this tweet by David Schwartz, Radio Today reported that 1116 SEN had relieved Mark Robinson of his on-air duties after 13 years with the Melbourne sports station. But there were more axes to fall.

Nights host Mark Fine and Kevin Hillier also got “the call” from station management this week.

Is GOLD104.3 “almost ready” to reveal its new Breakfast lineup?

Standby. We’re hearing an announcement is coming very soon, likely in February.

Last year Duncan Campbell told Radio Today that ARN had all but locked in two talent, one from “inside the network” and a second from “another network”.

Campbell also said both are “from Melbourne”, although many are speculating otherwise. Let’s wait and see.

Update: Who is Christian O’Connell (and why you need to know)?

That was the headline strapped to our explainer piece on British broadcaster Christian O’Connell. Some called it “rather cryptic”. Fair enough.

The groundswell surrounding O’Connell’s rumoured arrival in Australia Melbourne is getting louder.

One industry insider told us that the presenter has now engaged the services of a law firm to handle his visa application and could be in Melbourne by March.

Last Word: Meshel Laurie on Will and Woody’s “bastardised” stunt

The former KIIS101.1 Breakfast personality took to the Radio Today comments section to defend her position after an Instagram post that followed Will and Woody’s appearance on Jase and PJ.

“Maybe if any of you had the guts to put your name and reputation to something you’d understand how gutting it is to have it bastardised by a similarly nameless exec,” she wrote.

What she said. It was, we think, utterly tasteless content.

Is anyone from radio world going into the celebrity jungle?

We put some feelers out to industry friends and got some rippers back. Dave Thornton, who departed Fox FM Melbourne breakfast at the end of 2017, and Meshel Laurie.

Tanya Hennessy and Red Symons are also possibilities. The show starts on Sunday, January 28 at 7.30pm on Network Ten.

Eye Spy: Do you know anyone bound for Africa or taking an extended leave? Let us know in the comments section.

Ouch: The Will in Will and Woody hit by car

Not a great start to the week for KIIS FM’s new Drive show.

Will had to bail on Tuesday’s show. He was hit by a car while cycling.

Fellow network newbie Jase Hawkins stepped in to co-host.

According to this Facebook post, the entire W&W team escorted him to the hospital and “took all the necessary precautions”.

Radio Today’s news editor is now Daily Mail famous

Finger snaps to Matilda Rudd, one of the quick typing copywriters at the Daily Mail Australia.

Rudd managed re rewrite our review of Em, Grant and Ed, and take it out of context in a way that only the Daily Mail can.

At least Radio Today‘s news editor Zanda Wilson can now tell everyone he’s a “radio expert”, per the tabloid.

But it was their headline that got us all LOL’ing: ‘The next Kyle and Jackie O’ Radio expert predicts 2Day FM’s new breakfast show lineup of Em Rusciano, Grant Denyer and Ed Kavalee will smash radio ratings.

Love it or loathe it, Hottest 100 is radio’s biggest music event of the year

The date may have changed, but triple j’s annual countdown is still engaging the nation.

Per an email from an ABC rep: “We’ve received 1.5 million votes towards the Hottest 100 so far, which accounts for more votes received at this stage of the campaign than last year’s record-breaking year.

“Also, only a few hundred votes separate some of the songs in the Top 5… so with only a few days left to vote, anything could happen! ”

Monday marks the beginning of 2018’s first survey period

Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek will debut their new Drive show on SCA’s Hit Network on Monday. The teased the show with this video.

And any Breakfast show still on a break will return next week too, with few exceptions. Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O among them, who get an extra week (back January 29).

The year ahead will largely focus on a few new Breakfast shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. But it’s the Drive timeslot that will prove to be one of the hottest topics to follow. And the hype that comes with it.

You can view the 2018 survey dates here.

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What is this, the Austereo fan page?
19 Jan 2018 - 1:00 pm

We still on about that Meshel Laurie thing?

Guarantee you’d all be laughing if Hamish & Andy had rocked up to Dan & Maz sporting Merrick, Jules, Sophie and Mel B t-shirts.

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