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Swedish EDM duo/hitmakers Galantis come under the spotlight for this week’s BrandData-powered social media chart wrap.

Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow have had a very busy week on social media with an average post rate of 5x the average of every other artist. This all revolves around the continued success of their most recent single No Money, which currently sits at #8 on the TMN Hot 100.

YouTube is the group’s current strongpoint where they’re currently ranked 47th in the category. They’re scoring an engagement rate of 139.71% on YouTube which is largely coming from the No Money music video released just over 24 hours ago. It’s currently received more than 152,000 views. The rest would be coming from their Louder Harder Better music video which is now just shy of 500,000 views.

Twitter is a big engagement point for the duo with 27.32% of their 95.7k followers engaging with all their content. The big contributing posts are predictably for No Money. The clip was tweeted out 24 hours ago and pinned to the top of their page. It’s sitting pretty at 206 re-tweets as well as 389 likes. A recent photo of fan artwork has performed really well with just under 450 likes and 130 re-tweets.

Galantis’ Instagram is nothing to scoff at either with 166k followers and photos that average to about 5,000 likes each, most of which take place in the past two days and don’t have any diminishing returns on fan engagement. This also all revolves around the release of No Money.

The duo’s Facebook is where they are lacking (they also have no website, meaning they don’t place in that category whatsoever) even though it has the highest follower count with a total of 640k. It’s the same deal here however, five times the normal amount of engaging posts than normal and all spread over seven days with the bulk happening in the past three-to-four.

The fact that Galantis has been able to keep up the level of engagement it had in the past week is testament to fan dedication and the spotlight surrounding the duo as they further lodge themselves in the global EDM market.

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