‘A maestro, a master, a guru of sound’

Michael Andersen, aka ‘Sidey’ has been at Triple M in Sydney for over 18 years.

In that time he has carved himself a reputation as one of the greatest rock image radio designers in the world.

From New York Festivals to ACRA’s to every award in between, Michael has not only won the most prestigious awards for his radio image production, but he’s become one of Australia’s most influential voice artists. He set the trend many years ago for the ‘young vibe voice over read’ in image production.

His creative image writing skills are one of unique tools in an arsenal of audio cleverness.

Michael writes all is own work, and a lot of the time, sings or voices his own gear too!

On top of this, let me say on a personal note, Sidey has been one of the most influential modern day radio producers to the Daryl Missen sound and creative style. He sets a sound that cuts through and still has impact at the bottom end dynamic range. I love that in radio imaging. He's frightfully creative, and that inspires me to be better at my craft!

He’s a maestro, a master, a guru of sound … Congratulations Sidey on taking out the 2013 ACRA for Best Achievement in Production.

This is his audio entry for 2013 :-

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