Radio Lessons #83 – Meals in a Box

“What’s for dinner?” – the eternal question that frustrates parents, divides partners and gives all of us something to contemplate while we should be working on that report due mid-afternoon.

Pondering aside, the world of dinner is changing, and the concept of delivered meals-in-a-box is pressing buyer’s buttons all over the world with simple, healthy and cost effective solutions. Whether it’s Blue Apron (US), My Food Bag (NZ) or Hello Fresh (UK and Australia); the model is the same. Customers denote the size of their household, order based on likes and dislikes, and the fresh ingredients magically appear on their doorstep to be cooked at home.

The approach has noteworthy ‘green’ benefits including the predominant use of local foods embracing farm-to-table and with measured portions, meals-in-a-box reduce waste (scarily, 40% of all food purchased globally ends up in land fill) – this alone has a positive effect on a household’s environmental footprint.

Then there’s the impact on time with people’s lives becoming busier and busier, removing the need to shop daily is a huge thing. And then the financial impact. These plans only cost around $5-7 a meal, making them super attractive to the hip pocket.

Great radio shows offer these same selling points in their best breaks. They are simple and easy to understand (one thought), they are contextual and on target delivering the kinds of things (bits) the audience wants to consume, they are inexpensive (the cost to our audience is time), and they build anticipation and surprise driving excitement around the delivery of that day’s box (show).

Our audience chooses ingredients by tuning into your station and committing to spend some or all of their commute with the stars of your show. Make sure you cook up something great for them every day that delights their ears and nourishes their hunger for entertainment.

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