OPINION: Craig Bruce on the next generation of radio stars

The quality of Australian radio on AM and FM is – pound for pound – the best in the world.

I probably didn’t appreciate this fact when I was neck deep inside the business of Australian radio every day for 3,000 years, but I sure as hell know it to be true now, as I look at it through a slightly longer lens.

One of the reasons we’re so strong as a category is our collective commitment to developing new shows and giving our young presenters all the tools and training they need to be relevant in this new media age.

ARN, SCA and NE on the FM side should all be commended for their efforts in uncovering new talent for their brands. If they/we continue to have a focus on talent, then there’s no question we’ll continue to lead the world.

Which brings me to the idea behind the new Rising Stars season of the Game Changers podcast. Being recognised by your peers is one of the most positive experiences you can have, regardless of the industry you’re in, and this podcast series will hopefully do one of 2 things.

One, it will recognise those presenters who are shaping up to shape our future as an industry.

And two, it will give those presenters who are featured in the podcast a chance to acknowledge the people who have helped them along the way.

Radio, like pop culture, has always moved in cycles. During the 80’s it was the Morning Zoos and crews that dominated FM.

Through the 90’s it was the DGen, Martin Molloy, Wendy, Denton and Doug.

The 2,000’s was the decade of Hamish and Andy, Kyle and Jackie and Merrick and Rosso.

Over the next few years, the baton will be handed over, and the next generation of radio voices will get their chance.

It’s bloody exciting to see and hear what might happen next.

So vote hard and vote often for your favourite Rising Star.

I love putting good people on a pedestal, and this next series of the podcast is a chance for us to recognise and celebrate the emerging careers of the best new talent in our industry right now.

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