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Triple M Brisbane had their 'Man-Date' yesterday, led by Breakfast Presenter Marto.

He was joined by Brekky co-host Pete Timbs, along with Sam Scott Young, Dick Johnson, Ian Haug from Powderfinger, Chef Ben O'Donoghue and footy legend Ben Ikin.

And 20 Triple M listeners. 

The 'Man-Date' is an event started last year with the goal of teaching men to become more aware of their general health.

Marto, who is a survivor of skin-cancer, said; 

“Aussie men are tough. They wear stubbies in winter, can build a house with one hand and are impervious to the ailments that send regular people to the doctor. This all sounds like a laugh, until you hear the statistics: Aussie blokes will die, on average, six years earlier than women from cancer, heart attacks and strokes – and just as many men die of prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer,”

“Add to the mix heart disease, renal failure, bowel cancer, cardiovascular disease and of course skin cancer, and it’s no wonder men turn up at emergency more times than they’ve forgotten anniversaries.”


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