Matt Preston’s Secret Sound on smoothfm

I heard an ad on smoothfm last night for Matt Preston’s new radio show (Saturdays at 4pm).

I wasn’t aware that he had made the jump from TV to radio but I applaud the move. He’s got a nice, deep announcing voice, a good sense of humour. This should work…

I’m going to tune in this weekend and I’m hoping to hear Matt put his own (food based) spin on some of my favourite radio segments.

Will there be a ‘Matt’s Meltdown’? Or a ‘do you prefer cream or tomato based pasta’ phone topic? Only time will tell…

Matt Preston is the only person on TV who has ever looked good chewing food. I’m not sure how he does it.

It must be the way he savours every mouthful. The way he ponders every chew. It’s wonderful. Of course, it’s going to be a challenge to recreate on radio but I am confident the Producers at smoothfm can find a way.

Perhaps listeners could listen to him chew over the airwaves and then call in and try to guess what he is eating. (I’ve provided an example video of how this might work).


As a former Radio person, I just hope Matt understands the importance of handing over a clean and hygenic studio after his shift. I’d hate for Mel Doyle or Michael Buble to have to turn up for their shift and deal with a studio that smells like pan fried gyoza or is littered with a half eaten plate of fillet mignon.

Jeff Wortman is a singer, comedian, writer and former host of Triple M’s Peanut Gallery. Check out for more from Jeff.

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