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Linc Kelly - radio guru and all round good guy

A number of us have, at some point, worked with radio production gun Linc Kelly. Anybody who knows Linc is aware of what a terrific guy he is, and of his personal connection to a couple of causes that he is involved in.

Linc is about to head off on another Tour De Cure, and has written a note below. If you can spare even a few dollars to support his efforts, we know it would be appreciated. 


Please excuse the group email – i planned to individualise each email, but it didn’t quite happen.

Why do i fundraise for the tourdecure? The bike ride is just a vehicle to get awareness, when there’s a ride for Autism and Epilepsy that i can do – i’ll do them too.

It started when my dad died from Mesothelioma Cancer – lung cancer from asbestos poisoning. I got the call that dad passed while sitting on the Champs Elysees watching Lance Armstrong cross the finish line of the 2003 Tour de France (something dad and i planned on doing together).

6 weeks before this, my father in law died from Prostate cancer.

60% of cancers are preventable and treatable – while on the actual tour, we go into 3 schools every day to educate kids with our ‘be fit, be healthy, be happy’ message and hopefully go a long way to helping this statistic.

Today my wife Robbi is driving to Melbourne with her best friend from High School to get tested for a Melonoma in her eye. Please get your kids some sunglasses.

Between the mental health support for people affected by cancer (family as well) and the spread of funding to regional areas, the tourdecure ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Honestly, i haven’t done as much as i wanted this year for the tourdecure. I will be riding from Adelaide to Melbourne in 3 weeks, a bit unfit but in better shape than some kids who have to deal with this dreadful disease. If you can spare a few bucks, i’d really appreciate it.

You can donate here.



You can see a profile piece Radio Today did on Linc a couple of years ago here.


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