Less is more

Every radio station account executive will tell you that their one recommendation to any client radio campaign is to ensure frequency and repetition of the advertising message. This has been the key ingredient to all successful commercial campaigns since Guglielmo Marconi flicked the switch back in 1895.

Are we guiding our clients one way, and ignoring the road rules within our own radio image branding?

Are we telling our commercial clients one thing, yet persisting to create many different branding messages in between the songs?


Afterall … REPITITION is Radio’s USP (Unique selling proposition)

Question: Did you make 5 different image promos for your new station promotion to rotate all week?

OR … did you construct one damn fine sounding ‘mega’ promo that will get flogged all week like the proverbial new release Katy Perry track?

In the modern radio production world, too many stories abound that suggest programming teams are still over-producing different messages for the one brand campaign, rather than understanding the decades of research that identifies radio listeners need multiple times of hearing the ONE message before they will understand it’s product, and multiple MORE listens before they might decide to engage in the offer!

It’s up to us as audio production pros to remind, and at times educate our programming teams of the true benefits of image branding in radio.

Less is more is your mantra in this week’s programming meeting.


Daryl Missen is an audio branding professional in radio and television production.


Have a listen to a damn fine sounding ‘mega’ promo from Matt Nikolic at FOXFM and leave me your comments, thoughts and opinions.

files/1m promo 1 – fox.mp3

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