Triple M’s Merrickville EP Leon Sjogren on his new podcast

In 2016, awareness of podcasting was reported to be at an all-time high of 55% and continually growing, especially with the recent hype surrounding like S-Town and Missing Richard Simmons (if you haven’t listened to these, download and binge immediately) I’d been looking for a way to jump on the bandwagon.

As well as being a fully-fledged radio and podcast nerd, I’ve always been a massive comedy fan so when a friend recently suggested a give stand-up comedy a try, I had a light-bulb moment which led to me creating the eight-week podcast ‘Am I Funny’.

The Podcast, produced into eight expertly crafted episodes, will follow my journey to prepare from scratch right up to the moments before I take the stage for the very first time.

In the final episode, listeners will get to hear the live gig, the immediate aftermath and the comedian’s thoughts on my attempt, all unfolding in real time over the 8 weeks.

With my experience working on several shows on the SCA network and currently producing the comedy heavy Merrickville on Triple M Sydney, I’ve become mates with a lot of comedians that I’ve been lucky enough to drag into helping me on my journey.

Amongst those people include Merrick Watts, Wil Anderson, Celia Pacquola, Dave Thornton, Mick Molloy plus Justin Hamilton, who will serve as my ‘comedy coach’.

The idea of a fully produced season of a podcast culminating in a live event that listeners can attend is both exciting and terrifying to me but also locks me into it so I can’t back out, which I surely would have.

Podcasting to me is now up there with cult television like Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead, fans continue the conversation long after the episode is finished and the idea of people rallying behind me before I hit the stage is really comforting, now all I have to do is write some jokes.

Am I Funny launches Thursday 27 April on iTunes and you can follow the progress on social media;

Twitter: @AmIFunnyPod
Instagram: @AmIFunnyPod

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