KIIS 101.1: It’s official

The newest kid on the radio block has been on air for four weeks, but KIIS 101.1 has only now held its official launch, choosing a funky Melbourne club, the Bond Bar, to showcase the new look station.  And the new look line-up.

ARN CEO Ciaran Davis has made it clear they have high expectations for the station, telling the crowd:

“We are very ambitious for this station.  We have serious ambitions to be the number one radio station in Melbourne. Probably on the 10th of March, which is, survey one.  That’s our expectation”.

Those expectations are reliant on the “book ends”.  Matt Tilley and Jane Hall in breakfast.  Hughesy and Kate in drive.

Much has been made of the line-up and all that went on to get them to air. Most notably the ‘letting go’ of the much loved Chrissie Swan.

But for Matt and Jane, the rapport has been there from day one.

“It feels like a completely different job. We didn’t know what to expect and frankly, it could have gone either way.  But fortunately, it’s gone the right way” says Jane.

“Well, we didn’t want to ruin the press release by not having chemistry” says Matt.

“They told us we had it, so we thought we’d better oblige.  But, yeah, it’s been a good start”.

Whilst Matt and Jane have had to click from the first moment, Hughesy and Kate have had the luxury of a long on-air relationship.  And both are loving working at the other end of day.

“We’re happy.  Hughesy’s particularly happy.  The show is fun.  Just so much fun” says Kate.

For Hughesy, it’s the simple joy of staying up late on a weeknight.

“I can’t believe how happy I am.  Two hours in the afternoon is great.  I mean, I was playing Galaga in a fish and chip shop last night at 11.30.  Just playing Galaga. Waiting for my fish and chips. At 11.30. Great. Loved it”.

Kate too is enjoying the hours, but has a slightly different take on it than her off-sider.

“ At 11.30 last night I was passed out. Exhausted like I never was when I was doing breakfast.  I’m expending energy and at 6pm, I’m buzz, buzz, buzz.  Then the four children and that’s the end of me”.

Survey one is just weeks away.  KIIS 101.1 has hit the ground running and should give Fox and Nova 100 a run for their money. 

It’s clear that ARN is determined to make it work, repeating the success of KIIS 1065 in Sydney.  Time will tell whether ARN has come up with a recipe for success.

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