Philip Webster – Audio Guru

COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION within Australian Radio has long been considered the poor cousin for audio professionals. A stepping stone to a more glamourous (and higher paying) IMAGE PRODUCTION gig.

Fact is, Commercial Production is closer to the revenue source and more instrumental in growing a client's business, and should have our finest and most senior audio people working within this important station department.

One of the 'finest' in the world at casting, producing, and sound designing commercials is Philip Webster from RISK SOUND.

Philip Webster has been part of the Advertising Industry for over 40 years.

Twice named as the 'Creative Person of the Year' by the Melbourne Advertising and Design Club, Philip's passion for sound has also earned him numerous International and Local awards.

He is dedicated to nurturing emerging talent, be it sound designers, voice over talent, copywriters, or producers.


Philip Webster is one of the greatest sound professionals for advertising that Australia has ever produced, and continues to inspire with his knowledge and skills particularly in casting talent and finessing creative script concepts for major advertising agencies.

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