Illy’s Life Renos

“I feel I have all the elements of a happy life…

  ü   Friends

  ü   Family

  ü   Career

  ü   Health

  ü   Love

However, I often feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

It appears I am not alone in this ‘ad infinitum’ dissatisfaction cycle, as I’ve discovered I’m part of a far greater problem – the dissatisfaction generation; less than half of us are happy with our jobs, there’s despair at soaring house prices, the level of voter frustration and dissatisfaction is on the rise, social media sh*t storms have become a daily occurrence and now thousands of women are undergoing labiaplasties as it appears their own vulvas aren’t good enough!

Thus, I decided to do something about it and launch, Illy’s Life Renos!

My aim was to help ‘renovate’ the lives of people by re-invigorating their minds, bodies and spirits through a range of activities, including a self-empowerment & transformation session (guided by a world-class life coach, the millionaire monk), nutrition class, Italian lesson, laughing class, yoga workshops and charity work. I invited three other listeners, whom I christened my ‘renovators,’ to join me in this pursuit of fulfilment.

My life renovators, Shara, Amanda & Kathryn all experienced a major transformation, beyond their wildest expectations. One of the renovators, Amanda, who has suffered from chronic pain for over 6 years as a result of the death of her husband to brain cancer, said her pain has vanished! The results continued with renovator, Shara who has suffered from negative body image issues as a result of damaging remarks from former partners. She said, she now looks in the mirror and even loves her ankles!”


Illy is one half of the Illy & Shad Breakfast Show on Hot FM FNQ. Originally from Queensland, she has a background in Journalism and the Creative Arts. She is currently writing a column for Cairns Life magazine.

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