How we brought Tony Abbott around on Same Sex Marriage (kinda)

If you’re able to get Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the phone for a few minutes during a topical time in Australian politics, how do you effectively challenge his position on Same Sex Marriage; one of the more contentious issues facing Parliament?

Is the trick to use short and to-the-point questions? What about some facts attesting to the economic benefits of allowing our gay brothers and sisters to tie their respective knots?

My co-host Cliff Reeve and I tried both methods this morning when faced with the opportunity to speak with Mr Abbott.

The final result? A little surprising!

Perhaps the problem hasn’t been that Tony felt the institution of marriage needed to be maintained in a traditional format (i.e man + woman = babies), but rather that he simply hadn’t met the right radio announcer yet… too bad I’m taken Mr Abbott – but a lovely offer nonetheless.

About the Author:

Doug “Dougie” Terry is part of the Cliff & Dougie Show that broadcasts across the South West corridor of the RadioWest Network in Western Australia. You can follow them on Facebook here.

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