How KCB came to be at KIIS

Kacey Baker worked as 2Day FM Image producer and 2Day/Austereo network Image Voice from 2004 to 2008. During this time he was also Austereo's network image voice and network tactic image producer.

A multi ACRA winner while working with Kyle & Jackie O as Hot 30 Image producer, VoiceOver guy and introduced stylistic DJ Megamixes to Australian airwaves for the first time as Hot 30's resident 'DJ KCB' . Kyle labeled him, 'The World's Best Megamixer'.

Kacey's background was djing, and was a prominent name in the Australian Club scene, appearing on multiple mix CD's including the biggest selling WILD FM CD. It's his background in the club scene and underground megamix world that gave him a skill set traditional Hot 30 image producers hadn't yet offered.

Kyle and Jackie O promoted Kacey from megamix DJ, to Hot 30 image producer and exploited his DJ skills to give The Hot 30 Countdown image production sonic edge saturated with beat mixing, stutters, filters and vocal effects not yet explored.

Kacey was ACRA finalist for Best Newcomer on air in 2006 for his National networked mix show, 'Friday Nights With KCB' which aired until 2010. At which time Kacey and The Austereo network parted ways.

He continued to DJ in clubs nationally and produced megamix Wild CD's before retiring from both Radio and Djing in 2012. Kacey was also the Image Voice for Macquarie Network during his late Hot 30 years.

KCB’s latest project is a 2 hour weekly dance music show for KIIS 1065.

With such an impressive resume, I caught up with him …

Daryl: KCB, it’s great to have your DJing and production skills back on the radio, how did Velocity come about, was it something you’ve been thinking of putting together for some time?

KCB: Thank you that means a lot. 'Velocity' is the dance show I used to mix when I was Image Producer of NX FM and KO FM for a short while as a 24 year old, god those were morbid times, I wouldn't sleep for 3 days at a time juggling 2 stations, on air and mixing. I was young and crazy on the weekends, so the name Velocity is very dear to me as it reminds me of the kid inside.

Derek Bargwanna (DB) (right) came to me last year long before Mix 1065 had announced the rebrand to KIIS 1065 telling me he wanted me as the Image Voice of KIIS and as their mash up DJ, and the more we got talking we were flirting with the idea of a dance show which seemed very exciting for me as I had turned my back on my radio career in 2010 and DJing in 2012. The show only kicked off a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier to be back on air… Radio is something that you can't give up, it's in your blood, you can fool yourself, but there comes a day when you admit you still want to be a part of it.

Daryl: Do you do everything from formatting, recording, mixing and supplying the show? How do you plan out your week and how long on average does it take you?

KCB: Yes, I do absolutely everything, it's a one man band so to speak. I produce all the shows imaging/packaging, prepare all my own music for the show, then hit the air mixing and announcing. I have so many DJ’s come to me and say, "hey I've been djing for 20 years why is it I can't get a show on commercial radio?" I've learned that radio is multitasking and the more you can do, the more of an asset you become to a station or network, and ultimately your own career. PD's like to delegate tasks and have the peace of mind that the job gets done without having to micro manage or blow a budget with freelancers.

My preparation involves sorting new dance/club music and lots of it. The mistake many current dance shows are making is that they are taking episodic approaches to their shows, it's the same play list every week reshuffled, it's like listening to your fave CD on shuffle mode over and over. KIIS 1065 has given me full freedom to create my own playlists and play what I want in a matter that I know connects with the demographic by playing a large portion of music this week that wasn't played last week, creating intrigue, anticipation and giving KIIS an X factor.

If you want the same playlist every Friday and Saturday night with a bunch of callers every few moments there are other stations doing just that. I was amazed that DB at KIIS gets it, he's clever and is young enough to apply a fresher approach to how a station sounds and is run. We worked on Hot 30 together as kids so to speak, and he was switched on back then, there's no surprise he's now running the country’s most exciting station in 2014.

DB's only input on Velocity was this, "You can play all the club music you want but I trust you to understand it's still a CHR station. Also no drunk or party callers, just keep it about the music." And DB knew he could trust me to execute this in both a safe and daring fashion. After all, this is a genre show, a genre that attracts millions to festivals each year and for that same buzz to elicit the same emotional attachment on the airwaves means playing fresh hot EDM music, sometimes unidentified music because it's pointless playing the same music that the station on your number 2 memory button is more than likely also playing.

If I could turn this show into a nightly dance countdown I would, imagine it, a club 30 countdown, don't think both Ryan Seacrest or DB would be up for that! Hehe!

Daryl: It’s great to hear that there are a stack of Oz mixes in there, was that your mandate to ensure Australian DJ’s are exposed among the David Guetta’s of the world?

KCB: I'm very passionate and dedicated about supporting Australian talent and it's easier now as our DJ’s and producers have caught up with the rest of the world, in fact some of our guys are producing dance music and remixes that surpass most international stuff from a creative and engineering stand point which is very important.

We owe it to our local lads to ensure they stand beside the international guys on air. I remember after 7 years of working at 2Day FM I was finally rewarded with a song of mine being added to the Hot 30 for three nights in 2008, only to be pulled after night one to accommodate a brand new unknown artist from a major that was added for political reasons. I was gutted, felt expendable and overlooked, and I promised myself I’d look after Aussie talent in the future.

Daryl: Who is the Imaging Voice Guy you have used?

KCB: Guy Harris, I've never met a more flexible voice over guy, unlike myself, he's got ridiculous range in his reads.

Daryl: Thanks for your time KC and all the very best for the new show ‘Velocity’ on KIIS 1065 Friday nights.

Have a listen to KCB’s first show.

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