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Australian professional golfers Nick O’Hern and Mark Allen have released their new weekly podcast Talk Birdie To Me to cover all things golf.

Mark Allen was a tour pro for 15 years, including playing the British Open at Carnoustie. He also knows his way around radio, working at 3AWSEN and Macquarie Sports Radio in the past.

Nick O’Hern is a former tour pro who played globally for two decades and reached #16 in the world rankings. He is the only player in the world to have beaten Tiger Woods not once but twice, in matchplay. 

This week on Talk Birdie To Me, Nick O’Hern recounts seeing Tiger in Florida after beating him.

“The second time I beat [Tiger] was in 2007 at the world matchplay. My family and I were moving to Florida at that time to a golfing estate called Isleworth, where [Tiger] lived,” Nick said.

“We land there, after the matchplay, a week after, and we’re just settling into the house, and I thought I’ll go and hit some balls, go down to the range. Guess who’s on the range, it’s Tiger, hitting balls. I drive the golf kart up behind him, he doesn’t see me, and I just plonk the kart there, start hitting balls. He turns around and looks at me and goes ‘what the f*** are you doing here.”

“It was a lot of fun at Isleworth and I used to see [Tiger] grinding day after day, and there’s a reason he was the best in the world. Physically incredible. Mentally incredible. But he worked harder than everyone else.”

Each week Nick and Mark analyse breaking news in the world of golf, give their opinions and offer a weekly masterclass on a particular shot, performance, or technique. 

You can hear the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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