Food For Thought

Every day in radio 100% of our time and effort is spent on the key things that matter to the ‘business’ – increase ratings and make more cash. Fair enough.

While this is critical for us to keep our jobs and for the business to survive, an important element of our working life in radio is often overlooked.

How many meaningful ‘real life’ conversations have you recently had with the people you work alongside, especially those in different departments?

Did you know that Jenny in sales has a sick kid in hospital? You know the tech you only go and see when something is broken – do you realise no one ever asks how he’s going!?

Did you know that production guru just broke up with their long term partner and every night eats 3 tubs of icecream and plays Halo 5 until the sun comes up?

With regular discussions about anxiety and depression for radio peeps, how much help can we give each other if we don’t even really know each other? Does this add to the feeling of isolation some of us feel at times?

Maybe look at developing more opportunities for meaningful relationships with each other through organised team bonding.

When was the last time your station spent time together in a relaxed, informal way? This may take the form of a monthly BBQ, an off station event (bowling, go karting, lunch etc) or something else that engages the whole staff – not just one department!

The station I work at recently ran an in-house contest. The prizes were not important (although they were quite good – alcohol, movie tickets and a night away). The important part was the mechanic we used to win.

We each had to supply a baby photo.

They were all put on a whiteboard and at 10am on a Friday we ALL got together and guessed who was who from their baby photo.

It’s a simple concept but the way it engaged our entire team, got us together to have a laugh, a chat, and got us to spend some time away from work was great.

It doesn’t need to have a prize, it shouldn’t impact the bottom line, it can’t add more time to our 1000 hour week, but do something!

Something, anything to avoid your workplace from being a place where only work is done and that is all that’s ever talked about.

Food for thought….

What are some fun things your station has done? Share below as it may help others get started in their workplace.

** if you can pick me out of the baby pics I’ll send you a River sticker – lucky you !

Mark Hales is former Editor of Radio Today, and Program Director of Nova 91.9.

He is now Music Director and Drive Announcer at River 94.9 in Ipswich, Queensland.

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