Finding the next Steve Jobs

Dave Charles is a global broadcast and creative media strategist with over 4 decades of radio, talent development, and new format creation.

He worked for Austereo in the 90’s and formed ESP with Greg Smith.

Dave is now the President of MRI (Media RESULTS International). Today he reports from the JAZZ.FM91 ‘Thinkers Series’ presented at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto :-

‘FINDING THE NEXT STEVE JOBS’ a new E-Book by Nolan Bushnell

Nolan Bushnell had a chance to own one third of APPLE INC and turned it down!

He also lost 23 million dollars of his own money developing robots. Oops! He’s now predicting that robots will be the next big thing in 3 to 5 years.

He went on to form 26 other high tech and gaming companies such as Atari and made a huge fortune.

Perhaps his biggest achievement was to meet and hire Steve Jobs who changed computers, new media and the music business forever.

If you have invested your career in Radio and new media today, you must read his new E-Book ‘Finding the next Steve Jobs’ by Nolan Bushnell. Google it, download it and read it. It will inspire you.

If you’re involved in creating original new information and entertainment content, Nolan’s talks about finding new talent. It will change the way you find the right new people.

Here’s a taste of what Bushnell said during a recent presentation in Toronto.

  • Make your workplace your ‘advertising place’
  • When hiring someone new, ignore credentials. Hire someone on their passion and intensity
  • Hire obnoxious and crazy people who break the normal rules
  • Look for people who are committed to hobbies, like gaming and extreme sports
  • Avoid clones
  • Avoid Nay sayers. They are the main killers of creativity and innovation. Nay Sayers are too safe. Even too jealous of new ideas
  • Your managers must find a way to deal with creative crazies. Innovative people are crazy. Steve Jobs was nuts!
  • Look for people who have been bullied and those that lurk in the background. There’s some genius to be found there
  • Check out ‘MindShare’s’ in L.A.
  • Champion BAD ideas. Why? so you’ll remember the good ones. Don’t be ashamed of BAD ideas. It’s part of the creative process
  • Celebrate failure. Why? That’s how champion skiers learn to ski faster. That’s how creative thinkers learn to push the envelope
  • Make technology fun and easy. iPod, iTunes and iPhone did all of that
  • Editing is a very important part of the creative, new invention process
  • Take a passionate walk through Wikipedia. Yours to discover
  • If you got a new idea put it into a business plan and let it ferment for a while. I’ve got 12 new ideas. The next good idea will choose you
  • The next big idea from Google is Google Glasses. You won’t believe your eyes and your options when you put these on
  • In 5 years average learning will be 10 times faster. For example, you’ll be able to do all of your high school learning in one year
  • Big data analytics can make your new learning more precise
  • Look for the ‘connected people’. You need to be in their space
  • Physical activity is the key to active learning. The brain stem works better if you stand rather than sit at your desk

If you Google Nolan Bushnell, look for ‘How to handle a job interview’. He offers fantastic advice that could make a difference in getting the job you really want.
Dave Charles can be contacted at or on email [email protected]

Read Dave’s recent article ‘Developing Today’s Radio Talent’ here.

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