Customer service wins every time

Recently I was away in a regional town staying in a local motel. There was nothing out of the ordinary and special about this motel until the day I went to check out.

That was when I was confronted with one of the best personalised customer service ideas I’d ever encountered.

Picture this, it’s Monday morning, people have driven miles to stay there, most are on their way through to their final destination. Their cars and SUV’s were dirty and windscreens covered in bug guts.

On the morning of our departure each car had this flyer stuck under its windscreen.

Something so small and insignificant could have been easily dismissed with a small grin and crumbled and thrown in the rubbish bin.

However I am obsessed with customer service and saw this as one of the most targeted forms of CS to the demographic (the ‘client’) that I had seen ever. It was cheap, but very personal. It touched me. Sure I gave a grin, however the upside is that I have been telling people about this experience and this particular regional motel for months now!

In a time where there is so much sales and marketing noise. So many messages bombarding our clients every minute of every day. Now more than ever Radio needs to find simple and effective (and often cost effective) methods of touching our clients … having them rave about us to their circle of influence. It’s not just for the sales people … the landscape is different; it’s time for the entire organisation to work at ‘customer service’.

So I ask you, what is radio’s equivalent to this flyer?

It might be to a listener, or maybe for a client. Is there the ultimate customer service experience that is very cheap to do, but can mean so very much in the heart of our key stakeholders?

Over to you.


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