Book It In: Guardian Australia’s new podcast

Guardian Australia recently launched a new summer podcast on books and ideas to keep you dialled in over the break.

Top Australian authors will reflect on the ideas that shape their work in Guardian Australia’s new summer podcast series, Book It In.

The weekly series will run across the summer months, taking listeners deep into authors’ worlds, as they reflect on the rich and complex interplay between books, ideas and culture.

Each episode will feature an in-depth conversation with such literary luminaries as  Tara June Winch, Thomas Mayor, Tony Birch, Kathryn Heyman, Debi Marshall, Marion Frith, Paul Cleary, Emily Bitto, Rawah Arja and Alice Pung.

They will speak with one of three rotating hosts, all established authors themselves: Guardian Australia features editor Lucy Clark; author and journalist Paul Daley; and writer and editor Zoya Patel.

“This is more than a chat about a book,” said Clark.

“Three experienced interviewers, all from very different backgrounds, dig deep to try to untangle the problems, issues, joys and quirks that make us human, make us want to read and stop to think about what books teach us.”

“Listeners can expect thoughtful conversations that challenge our assumptions and perspectives. They’ll be invited into a space where they can really think and enjoy what literature gives us.”

With its focus on culture and ideas, Book It In brings a new dimension to Guardian Australia’s growing podcast network, building on the success of the mainstay news-focused podcasts Full Story and Australian Politics, the long-reads podcast Guardian Australia Reads, and the youth-focused Saved For Later.

Listeners can subscribe today on all podcast platforms. Episode one, featuring Tara June Winch and Thomas Mayor, is ready to listen to now.

Check it out here and here.

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