Bob Peter’s: Tour Of Duty

Bob Peters is one of the true gentlemen in our industry. His ‘tour of duty’ is not only impressive; it is confirmation of a very talented media broadcaster.

For me, Bob is one of the few people I wish I had worked with earlier in my career. His generosity, great attitude, and magnificent vocal pipes have been my pleasure to record, edit and re-flangelate in many promos and commercials in recent times.

It was a few years ago when I discovered Bob’s personal health battle that my respect and admiration for this man increased dramatically.

After recently reading a local newspaper story on Bob, I reached out and asked him politely if he would share some of his story with us.

Daryl Missen: Please tell us about your radio journey, stations (tour of duty) The Bob Peters Story …

David Salmon Sarah King and Biob PetersBob Peters: I’m a local boy from the Central Coast of NSW, got my first gig as a 20yr old at 2GO Gosford doing late nights. Then went through 4GR, 2MMM, 2NX, 2XL, 2UW, 2MW, 2WS, 2GO, 4BK, B105, 2GO, Coast Rock, 2WSFM, CH9, Fox Sports, CH10, and currently at 1053 NewFM.

DM: How (and when) did you take on the name Bob Peters?

BP: When I was being radio trained my coach advised me to change my name as Pizzingrilli wasn’t gonna cut it, he changed it to Peters. My Dad (who is Italian) said, “You went in Italian and came out Greek” I used to work for him at his service station and hated it, and he always said that ‘if there was a job going where you didn’t have to work to get paid’ I’d find it. BOOM Radio!

DM: What have been your highlights in radio/media?

BP:Getting any job was a highlight!  However, being the announcer for Cycling at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games ranks pretty highly. As does my time as a  Promo voice for National TV Networks, and the many Radio Stations across Australia. Working with great people and launching a few careers too. Ground Announcer for the Rabbitohs the year Russell Crowe took over was a blast too!

DM: Do you have some fun and special radio stories – events, pranks, survey party shenanigans?2000 Olympics

BP: Prank calling the opposition brekkie show on Christmas day live and getting their panel operator to accidently admit on air that their live show was recorded! B105 Brissy survey parties were pretty magical times (I think they were, I wish I could remember!), Rating at or above station average in every market I’ve worked is a personal achievement I am proud of.

DM: Aside from the voice overs through… What are you doing currently?  [click here for Bob’s voiceover sample]

BP: Drive on 1053 NEWFM Newcastle, and voice overs from home in the morning (as I’m at dialysis 3 nights a week straight after my shift til 1 am)

DM: I’m pleased you mentioned this, let’s talk about your health challenges … where did it begin?

BP: I was diagnosed after passing blood at 23, I lived a healthy life until 8 years ago when my kidneys failed and treatment began. Plenty of collateral surgeries along the way including vascular, intestinal, aneurysm clipping and parathyroid removal. Chronic illness brings with it fatigue and a constant tiredness that’s hard to overcome and largely contributed to my 25 year marriage failing. It’s hard to live with for some and that’s ok. Sitting still in that chair for 6 hours and getting jabbed every second night is a drain but after 8 years you tend to get used to it. It took a while to get my energy and drive back and depression is a constant threat even today, but things are back on track and I love being back on air it’s a great distraction and lots of fun.

DM: This leads us to present day …

How did the article in The Local come about? (It’s a beautiful photo with your kids btw)

BP: The article is a direct result of my facebook page– ‘I am searching for a living Kidney donor’- which has attracted a lot of interest and a few willing to try (no matches as yet) My radio heritage at 2GO has kept me in the spotlight on the Central Coast and I guess that made me a bit of an interesting story.

DM: I join with so many of your colleagues Bob in saying that we have so much respect and admiration for you and the journey you have endured.

You have the forum to say whatever you wish here Bob. What would you like to say?

BP: Speak with your family.

Organ donation has many obstacles to negotiate but one we can definitely avoid and control is family members vetoing our wishes after we pass. It’s up to us to ensure that they understand our wishes when it comes to donating our organs and family members must respect that.

I also believe that every person should automatically be listed as an organ donor, and if you have an issue with that and don’t want to donate, then you should have to go through the protocols to get removed from the list. I think this would dramatically improve the transplant rate and the lives of many of us waiting years to get one.

Being a living kidney donor is a great and selfless sacrifice and the most generous gift one can give. It takes someone special to do this. The important fact is we can all live a normal life with just one kidney. Living kidney donors are usually home within a few days as it requires only keyhole surgery to remove it and recipients after 2 weeks. Everyone goes on to live a long and healthy life.

Also always looking for voice work, check out my demo here

You can also find out more information on being a Kidney Donor here.

My sincere thanks to Bob for being so open and honest and sharing his story.

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