A Voiceover story

Nick Tate working in France for Triple M

Never let distance get in the way of a good promo, Brendan Tacey, National Head of Production for Southern Cross Austereo explains;

Nick Tate is an experienced voiceover who normally resides in Sydney, but in mid 2011, Nick returned to LA for the U.S summer.
Not wanting to have him go M.I.A from the TRIPLE M brand, each week, Nick battled the LA afternoon traffic to get to a studio where we would call and direct our voice sessions over the phone.

Nothing new there.

Then come the end of 2011, we got the call to say 'Nick will be moving to a small French village for the next 3 months'.

Again… Not wanting to have his booming voice go awol, and with the issue of no studio nearby, Nick got his son to set up a rig for him to be able to record remotely.

Easy process. But how would we connect and direct him without having to pay for a expensive international call.

Enter Skype's 'Online Number' service. Where nick gave us a Sydney phone number that we call each week that connects to his Skype. Brilliant clear lines with no delay when directing him.

The raw sound we were getting from his recordings was fantastic. Had he set himself up in a corner with a matteres on it's end or a doona hanging from a lamp?

Nope … turns out he was sitting on the couch in front of the fire, hunched over his computer reading our scripts from his laptop, with his Rode mic in his hand … the picture paints a thousand words.


If you a not aware of Nick's past, check out his bio here … Particularly check out his mid 1970s work in 'Space 1999' and most recently alongside Robert DeNiro in 'Killer Elite'.



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