A Close Call

I don’t usually put much of my personal stuff out there despite my time on air and how many stories have been told on Wake Up, however I’m putting this down as a cautionary tale, especially to blokes.

Cliff ReeveYes, blokes of a certain age and everybody else over 40, and under 40 for that matter, and yes, women too.

Generally speaking I need to be on the brink of death before I’ll turn up to a doctor, a lot of men I know are exactly the same and despite being closer to 60 than I’d like, I knew last week action was needed.

Last Monday into Tuesday I spent an afternoon and night in emergency at St John’s for a suspected heart attack. Not much fun there.

My blood pressure has been a problem for a while now.

Last year  Dougie and I did an on air marathon to raise money for Give Me 5 For Kids, During that time we were being monitored to make sure all was well, and I felt terrific, having a ball and very excited to be helping the cause.

At about 5 in the morning my BP hit 200+ and the ambo nearly had a fit himself! Perhaps it was a bit too much excitement.

Medication, some diet, meditation etc and the doctor has continued to monitor and I’ve been OK.

On Monday afternoon after several months of too much going on, I felt some symptoms which seemed a little more than just my usual stress levels, and this is where my cautionary tale begins guys.

IF you think there is a genuine problem do not let it linger.

I protested many times that I felt, basically OK but thanks to the fantastic staff, they reassured me they’d rather have a dozen people there to be able to send them home after checking, than have someone, probably a bloke who says “that will go away” die on the floor.

Emergency doesn’t have time for frivolous cases of course, but please, if you think there is a genuine concern, at the very least, make the call to find out.

One day your family may thank you for it.

Cliff Reeve is one half of the breakfast team Wake Up with Cliff & Dougie with RadioWest in WA. He has called Bunbury home since 1993. 

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