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Programmatics: The Next Leap of Faith
Hang onto to your seat – the rollercoaster ride is about to start!With all its twists and turns, 2016 could well become ‘the Year of the Programmatic’. Question is – will ...
Media Monopoly: Let the Games Begin
Well, here we go again!Malcolm Turnbull is acting more like an investment banker and less like a responsible national leader. I recall criticizing him for taking the same gung-ho approach as ...
Why Chicago needs Robin Hood!
When Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey said in his Budget speech he was going to put the GST onto Netflix, we all gasped in horror.Well, it appears Joe isn’t the only pollie who wants to tax the ...
No Country for New Players
How many rookie radio announcers have started their careers in the bush, vowing that one day they’ll own a radio station rather than work for one?Quite a few, I suspect.