Who Ranks in the Top 10 Most Disliked?

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The Encore Score is a ranking of On-Air talent across TV, radio, film and media – so who took out the most Disliked at #1?

While Kyle is King, some other names also made it to the Top Ten Most Disliked –  

With Eddie McGuire and Jackie O Henderson also making the list.

All are part of the highest rating, most powerful shows in Australia’s most competitive markets. It goes to show that research doesn’t provide answers when it comes to talent and “popularity” aren’t necessarily the most important factor in winning radio.

Hamish Blake dropped out of the Top 10 Most Liked now ranked at #34, with Andy Lee 117 positions away at #151

The Encore Score highlights were unveiled during the week at Mumbrella 360 – the score ranks more than 1,000 Australian celebrities from a pool of 3,000 respondents.

Each person one is shown a series of pictures of Australian on-air personalities and asked how they feel about them from “one of my favs” to “I hate them”.

The Encore Score project launched in 2012 with a second round June 2013. It returned 2015 and for the first time, data from the Encore Score is available to purchase. To see the data and find out more, hit up the Encore Score website.


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