What are you actually eating?

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An investigation led by SBS Radio’s Punjabi program has revealed Australian consumers face potentially dire long-term health outcomes.

The SBS program found that some food imports from India contain chemicals including pesticides, arsenic, lead and even the carcinogen DDT. When listeners started raising concerns about foods purchased, SBS Radio commissioned laboratory testing. Among the most concerning findings were the presence of chemicals in food, which either exceed Australian standards, or are not permitted in foods sold in Australia.

The examination also revealed deceptive behaviour – including relabelling – and failing to comply with regulations, which meant potentially allowing health-endangering food to hit shelves around the country. In some instances, SBS Radio journalists found use-by dates illegally extended by months – even years.

SBS Punjabi Radio Executive Producer, Manpreet Kaur Singh said: “This investigation exposes potentially harmful contaminants that may be present in foods that Australians consume on the mistaken assumption that all foods sold in the country comply with strict quality standards.”

A comprehensive report on the investigation can be found on the SBS World News website.

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