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Isn't it always the way. We have a slight technical hitch, and we'll tell you what it is by way of explanation, and the solution.

Due to the traffic to Radio Today we were required to move to a server with far more capacity. This happened on tuesday night.

Unfortunately, this morning when we have hit send on our email with the password for the webinar, it has become apparent that for some reason the new server doesn't recognise our database mail program.

Therefore you might have received the email with the webinar password, you might receive it later today or tomorrow, hey you might even get it a couple of times. Sorry about that. Unhelpful.

So given that, the best thing to do is to publish the password here for you.

So here is the details: click here to register for the webinar, which is at 9.30 AEST, and the password is jacobs.

Long way of explaining, but we wanted to give you the background so we didn't appear completely incompetent, only partially 🙂 !


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