Triple M find their $1m contender

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42 year old Triple M Brisbane listener Sean Vanderhoning will be the one to kick for a million bucks at halftime of the NRL season opener tomorrow night.

Gus Worland from Triple M Sydney says:

"There’s going to be 40,000 people watching, cheering you on, everyone will want the underdog, you, to get the money…"

Matty Johns says:

"Sean, when you’re walking out, I’m going to be out there, Andrew Johns will be there…I’m not going to tell you what to do, but if Joey thinks you’ve got the win behind you, why not have a shot at the million? Tomorrow at midday you’ll also have a kicking session with one of the greatest kickers of all time, Daryl Halligan."

At halftime Sean can either try and convert from the sideline to win the million or kick from in front for $250,000.

Triple M says:

"Sean is nervous of being able to pull of the million dollar kick because he has a fractured toe, but he’s confident he’ll be able to kick from out in front and score $250,000. He’ll be eating a T-Bone steak tonight to build his strength. Sean is single ladies, so get in quick before he becomes a rich man."

UPDATE 7/3 – Sean has had his kick. He unfortunately missed but still walked away with $10,000

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