“There’s no excuse” for not being no. 1.”

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Kyle says he is to blame for Kiis 1065 losing the Number 1 spot in breakfast to stable mates Jonesy & Amanda.

Over the weekend he has come clean saying “There’s no excuse” for not being no. 1.”


Kyle told The Sunday Telegraph: “I had high blood pressure and sleep apnoea — some days I would wake up and I’d been starving myself of oxygen by not breathing throughout my sleep.”

Kyle also talked about his weight gain with his illness making it worse.

 “I was just relying really heavily on the tablets to make me feel better and thinking I do not actually have to watch what I eat or do anything. ….I realised, that’s not going to work, because I was having quite a few sick days.” Kyle said

When it comes to his breakfast show, Kyle has linked him being away with their fall in the ratings.

“If I’m not there, people do flick around. So it’s all about me.

“If I’m not there then it’s sh*t. Jackie does half a good job on there,” he told the Telegraph

She is great though. I do admire her and enjoy working with her very much.”

But Kyle is bouncing back according to the article in The Sunday Telegraph with Kyle saying:

“I’m back now. I’m not dying of sleep deprivation,”

“There’s no excuse” for not being no. 1.”

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