The Top 5 comedians with podcasts that should be on radio

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Comedians and broadcast radio have long gone hand in hand with their confidence and ability to improvise a desired attribute in the biz. From Wil Anderson on Triple M to Ben and Liam on triple j, comedians are all over the airwaves.

So we thought we’d take a look at the finest comedic podcasts coming out of Australia as a little sneak peek at who you might see commanding the airwaves in years to come.

Steele Saunders – I Love The Green Guide Letters

Commercial radio always needs to find the story in the mundane and that’s what Melbourne comedian Steele Saunders does on a semi-regular basis. Saunders primary podcast collects several other funny people to review letters to The Melbourne Age’s Thursday Green Guide Television & Radio lift-out. Although, that’s rarely how it turns out.

While guests can cover any number of topics from porn to music to politics, Saunders always manages to rein it back in and somehow gain control over the madcap antics. Clean up the language a bit and there’s great crossover potential for Saunders to make it to the airwaves.

Dave Warneke, Jess Perkins & Matt Stewart – Do Go On

Radio almost had a grasp on one-third of this poddy with Jess Perkins hosting a show on Joy 94.3 with Mitch McTaggart up until March of last year.

After that finished, Perkins has found an easy groove with fellow comedians Dave Warneke and Matt Stewart on Do Go On. The concept is easy enough, the trio takes turns researching a topic and then presenting their findings to the class.

The real pull of this podcast is the ease of conversation between the group, without a regular rotation of guests it’s easy for a podcast to run out of ideas but Do Go On is going strong and it’s thanks to the host’s charming chemistry and the fact that they’re actually friends off-mic.

Vicky Hanlon & Emily Tresidder – Vic & Em’s Comedy Gems

The newest addition to Planet Broadcasting’s roster, the Comedy Gem girls – comedians Vicky Hanlon and Emily Tresidder – make the most of their differences. Vicky’s straight-man schitck bounces terrifically of Emily’s more outlandish presenting style.

Each episode, the pair ropes a guest into their expertly curated madness and pretty much chat about whatever’s going on in their life. Watch in awe as they transform the mundane into the marvelous.

Both Emily and Vicky have briefly flirted with radio in solo capacities (Emily on ABC national and Joy FM while Vicky produced on both networks) but it’s high time to get this combo together broadcasting.

Demi Lardner & Tom Walker – Bigsofttitty.png

Don’t get put off by the name of this podcast from Barry Award-nominated comedians Tom Walker and Demi Lardner, it might be frenetic but it’s 100% always entertaining.

Demi and Tom are a couple in real life and have very similar comedy styles which translate to the ultimate in chemistry. While there’s been no confirmation of this, each episode sounds as if the pair have just flicked on the mics and let a flood of raucous conversation flow. The only entry on this list that doesn’t bother with the whole guests thing, Demi and Tom manage to maintain interest all on their own.

They’ve already got a cult following, selling out live episodes in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne this year.

If they can reign in the dick talk and c-bombs, they’re a sure-fire on-air couple.

ep 28 – alexei & email addresses | bigsofttitty.png on acast

Alexei Toliopoulos (Total Reboot! Mike Check! Lord of movies!!) joins us for this bst.png and a dumb new game. I love him very much. Sorry the pod is 3 hours late i got distracted dredging forums and also watching the anime television series Paranoia Agent tee hee

Nick Cody – Crushin’ It

The self-titled unit that is Nick Cody cut his podcast teeth on Something For The Drive Home with fellow comedian Bart Freebairn. It’s there that he helmed his trademark dickheaddery but it’s in his solo poddy that he really shines as a presenter.

While Crushin’ It has been sporadic throughout the years, Nick put away a solid 200 episodes with Bart and is promising more solo work with an episode uploaded in May.

Nick maintains the easy confidence of a solid radio presenter and embodies the commanding control to go with it. His salt-of-the-earth Aussie block shtick has also made him a recurring character on one of the most profitable Aussie comedy podcasts The Little Dum Dum Club.

His only downside is that he has no embeddable episodes, so you’ll have to settle for listening to the whole lot here.

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